I would love to introduce you to a very special musician, Kiann.  He is a renowned Persian-Italian composer of contemporary music.  He is a pianist, an instinctive melodicist, a magical music producer who has been pursuing a career in Austria for many years.

No doubt it is his East-West heritage which builds a bridge between music and our souls. Tunes which blend classical, contemporary, instrumental and modern, warming our hearts and soothing our senses.

His repertoire includes countless pieces from several studio albums, a live album recorded in Vienna Musikverein, many piano solos, electronic music, plus songs from a world music project with the South African A Cappella Trio “Insingizi”.

His performances delight viewers with their authenticity and candor.  Besides a close cooperation with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF since 2016, Kiann has close knit ties with the “made in Austria” brand Bösendorfer.

In 2020, much to the delight of his fans, he released an album in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Tehran “Live from Vienna”.  The album was recorded in the beautiful Bösendorfer Hall inside the famous Musikverein building in the heart of Vienna. The positive and creative energy which he hauled from the allure of his surroundings reflecting in the delicacy and elegance of his music in every sense.  Of course being able to record with a magnificent Bösendorfer piano was a huge perk.  The works incorporated into the album were a selection of solo piano and cello. The pieces selected in the album include a collection of both new compositions as well as his more popular oldies and goldies much loved by his fans.

Six of the ten compositions in the album include the accompaniment of the brilliant Serbian cellist Ana Percevic, evoking powerful emotions on the audience. The listeners embark on a musical journey into a marvelous, melancholic, miraculous, magical world that guides them to reach unexpected depths. And Kiann’s love and sensitivity to music can be heard in every note on this album.

We invite you to experience the enchanting music of Kiann on Thursday 10 ,2022 in Yeldegirmeni Sanat Merkezi, a former church on the Asian side of Istanbul and on February 13, 2022 to the majestic, elegant hall of the Austrian Cultural Forum, on the European side of Istanbul.

After all isn’t music a venue, a bridge, the literature of the heart but above all the soundtrack of our lives?

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