My Montevideo picture book

I had scant idea how much I would enjoy Uruguay when I decided to explore it for a week during my mini South America tour.

I merely had two pieces of solid information about this delightful little country. First was that the distinguished novelist, Onetti, who apparently had fled his home country after a 6 month imprisonment in a mental institution was Uruguayan, the second was Uruguay’s strength as a solid soccer competitor.

For a solo female traveler like myself, I can say it is one of the safest and peaceful countries in Latin America and simply a corner in paradise.

Montevideo, home to about half of the country’s three and a half million population, gathers all the qualities of a great capital and sure is full of splendid surprises. It boasts a 20+ km river front promenade which changes name every few kilometers, ritzy beaches, picturesque squares, lush parks, emblematic buildings, spectacular sunsets. The beautifully warm and friendly people, being the hidden treasure.

Of course a much deserved detailed account on Montevideo is on the way. I wanted to share some of the charming images may camera captured until the narrative is complete.

They say “one look is worth a thousand words”.

The pretty Plaza Independencia, with its massive statuary tribute to national hero José Artigas.

IMG_4056 IMG_4062

The magnetizing sunsets along the promenade. They are so dazzling that missing them is like missing a visit to the city.

IMG_5237 IMG_5251

The very cheerful flag

IMG_4094 IMG_5647

Sweet little cherubs – some more than happy to pose for me, some playing hide-and-seek with my camera.

IMG_5638 IMG_5621

Little girls playing doctor, little boys chasing the ball in the hope of becoming the next Maradona.

IMG_4099 IMG_4107

The red team tuning in to their tactics and the blue team concentrating on their tactics…wonder who won?

IMG_5705 IMG_5704

Colourful street sellers offering everything from mate cups, bombillas (metal straws with filters, used for drinking mate), flags, bracelets, hats to scarves.

IMG_5471 IMG_4492

Vibrant store fronts.

IMG_5643 IMG_5690

IMG_5634 IMG_4104 IMG_5645 IMG_5508

Lavish parks

IMG_4360 IMG_4352

Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees…

IMG_5220 IMG_5292

Folk enjoying ‘mate’ everywhere – along the waterfront, at work, during shopping, conversing…

IMG_5223 IMG_5680

Very stylish historical buildings, mostly from colonial times.

IMG_4938 IMG_4043 IMG_4312 IMG_5414

The elegant Teatro Solís, Montevideo’s premier performance space with superb acoustics

IMG_5699 IMG_4536

Montevideo’s many parrillas where meat, sausages and chicken are grilled up to perfection

IMG_4226 IMG_4224

Experiencing the Montevideo carnival out of season – the informal candombe practice sessions that apparently erupt in neighborhood streets throughout the year.

IMG_4913 IMG_4908


IMG_5515 IMG_4450

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