hello world!

This blog has come into existence with the encouragement and constant nagging of three very special women – my mum who is my best travel companion, my marvelous friend Selda who has been a great influence in shaping my banking career for the last 20 years and my very dear friend Hela from college.

I am one of the luckiest souls in the world to have had the opportunity to travel so much, discover great destinations, meet wonderful people and amass amazing experiences. 

Curiosity has led me to hidden places, popular destinations, opera houses, musicals, theatres, museums,  book readings, wine tastings, exposing me to the world of penguins, the less privileged and the more privileged, teaching me to observe, to haggle  and to trust the word of strangers away from the familiarity of home.  

Of course once the trip ends, the voyage is not over.  There are battered suitcases, bug bites, suntans,  funny memories, sad stories, myriad photos, souvenirs and the delight of sharing these memoirs with loved ones.

Hopefully this blog will leave behind a tail which will be an inspiration for many to discover this beautiful world full of charm and adventure.

Like St Augustine said many many years ago, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” – may we enjoy many chapters together.  


8 thoughts on “hello world!

  1. Aylin Hn, blogunuz cok tatli. Yazilarinizdaki dil akici, uslub guzel. Okumak keyif veriyor:) iyi ki acmissiniz bu blogu. Darisi basima:) Sevgiler


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