BIRBICER – Delicious kebab in humble surroundings

For me, the opportunity to sample different local cuisines is the reward for crack of dawn business flights. Waking up at 4:00 am to catch a 6:30 flight from Istanbul to Adana for an 8:30 am meeting is not super fun, especially when the meeting is all number crunching… On the particular visit to Adana, I became cognizant of my hunger just as the meeting was coming to a close and all negotiations were finally settled during which I did gulp down numerous cups of strong heavenly Turkish coffee. Having to work around a tight schedule it had to be … Continue reading BIRBICER – Delicious kebab in humble surroundings


I simply loved everything about the Arik Levy exhibition at Galerist in Istanbul. The way my friend Aylin surprised me with the invitation a few hours before the opening, the imperfectly painted gallery walls serving as a sophisticated backdrop to his magnitizing oeuvres, the curious fans at the opening, my companion to the exhibition and of course the emotions his brilliant artwork evoked in me. The exhibit was undoubtedly meticious. There was absolutely nothing below par except of course not meeting Mr Levy in person – that would have been the icing on the cake. A genious and a design … Continue reading BIG SALUTE TO THE ARIK LEVY’S EXHIBITION IN ISTANBUL

The unbeatable pleasure of participating in the 35th Istanbul Marathon

I imagine there is not another marathon which has a two- continent route past spectacular monuments with great historical and cultural heritage. The 35th Istanbul marathon was held on November 17th 2013, and were we fortunate with the weather…. Istanbul has been the capital of three magnificient empires in history: Roman Empire (330-395), Byzantine Empire (395-1453), and Ottoman Empire (1453-1922). Thus, the city has been known with different names throughout history: Byzantium, Constantinople and Stambul. The 10 km race I participated in was so visually stimulating, so magnetizing, so outstanding that it was simply sublime. There were runners from all … Continue reading The unbeatable pleasure of participating in the 35th Istanbul Marathon

My Montevideo picture book

I had scant idea how much I would enjoy Uruguay when I decided to explore it for a week during my mini South America tour. I merely had two pieces of solid information about this delightful little country. First was that the distinguished novelist, Onetti, who apparently had fled his home country after a 6 month imprisonment in a mental institution was Uruguayan, the second was Uruguay’s strength as a solid soccer competitor. For a solo female traveler like myself, I can say it is one of the safest and peaceful countries in Latin America and simply a corner in … Continue reading My Montevideo picture book

Chan Chan – a charming Peruvian restaurant in Buenos Aires

Ever since I read an article on the Peruvian-born mysterious and somewhat peculiar author Castañeda a few years back as well as the desire to conquer Machu Picchu for some years now, I have been longing to visit Peru.  I am still reading extensively on the Incas and this  beautiful country full of fascinating cultures to gain enough insight before I take a trip to discover all the treasures for myself During my ten day October 2013 vacation in Buenos Aires, searching for alternatives to the fantastic “parillas” around town (yes, they serve the tastiest meat dishes),  I was delighted … Continue reading Chan Chan – a charming Peruvian restaurant in Buenos Aires