The news blackout in Turkey

My intention today was to finally write the short piece I have promised my friend Marissa on the Poliakoff exhibition I was fortunate enough to catch in Paris at the end of January. However the turn of events unfolding in my beautiful country has forced me to “put pen to paper” on a completely different matter. As of midnight March 20th 2014, Twitter has been blocked by our prime minister. The approximately 10 million users across Turkey are denied access to “tweet”. At a local election campaign rally in Bursa he threatened to “eradicate” Twitter and definitely kept his word, … Continue reading The news blackout in Turkey

Adopt a beehive via “un toit pour les abeilles”

I had the good fortune to meet a very intriguing and “free-spirited” gentleman at a seminar in Paris way back in January. Olivier Demaegdt was in fact a guest speaker at a room full of bankers contributing his opinion of banks from a client’s point of view. Neither an office, nor a 9-to-5 person, he is one curious entrepreneur prodding at niche ideas and obviously having a ton of fun as he succeeds. Of course his impressions of us bankers were very insightful, however what has stayed with me was his captivating endeavour to save the planet by providing a … Continue reading Adopt a beehive via “un toit pour les abeilles”